America's Fire and Security Expo 2008

Metal Detector




The PD 6500i walk-through metal detector from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is designed for maximum patron throughput. It features 33 distinct zones to precisely identify multiple target locations. With transmitters and receivers in each panel, the detector scans from both sides, providing superior detection, uniformity, and performance. Easy to assemble, the PD 6500i meets TSA, European Airports, and other international security requirements. Remote monitoring, networking, and data analysis options are also available. The versatile metal detector has settings for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit, loss prevention, and many other applications.   Booth 416, Circle 727


Key Management

KeyWatcher from Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, is a full-featured key management system that provides an integrated access control solution. The modular system offers credit card holders and lockers to secure items that need to be tracked. Access control modules available include the built-in key-pad, fingerprint reader and magnetic stripe or proximity card reader, and the unit can be integrated with many other access devices. An illuminated 2-line by 16-character LED display prompts users and provides on-site audit trail data. Fully scalable, the key management system occupies minimal wall space.

Booth 933, Circle 728.


Explosives ID Printers

Digital Identification Solutions of Greenville, South Carolina, presents the affordable and reliable EDIsecure Professional Line of card printers with options for in-line lamination, Ethernet connectivity, contact chip encoding, and contactless encoder/readers, including MIFARE, DESFire, Prox, and iCLASS. Professional Line printers include the economical XID560ie, the double-side XID570ie, the workhorse XID580ie, and the high-production XID590ie Retransfer Card Printers, plus the resilient DCP360i Direct Card Printer. The company also offers a Value Line of direct card printers, card management software, a complete ID badging and Web-enabled enrollment application, biometric and image capture devices, and enhancement tools. From its subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, China, Singapore, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates, and its global network of certified resellers, the company can deliver secure credential solutions virtually anywhere in the world.  Booth 537, Circle 730 Detection

Autoclear of Fairfield, New Jersey, presents the Scintrex Trace E4500 Advanced Trace Explosives Detector. The desktop unit was developed for the detection of a variety of explosives, such as C4, Semtex, TNT, and TATP. Small, light, and durable, the device can be easily transported for military, forensic, or special-event use. It operates on the principal of GC-Chemiluminescence, so it is self-calibrated and not subject to faulty operator adjustments. The 11-pound unit is rugged for field use and easy to carry in its compact, foam-padded case. It features a simple push-button and automatic operation and the warm-up time is less than 20 minutes.   Booth 752, Circle 729

Access Control Panel

The NetAXS hybrid access control panel from Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, gives users the flexibility to program and manage their systems through an integrated Web browser or through traditional PC-based access control software. The hybrid solution allows customers to choose the level of security and functionality based on their needs. The adaptable and user-friendly panel offers simple installation and programming. It directly replaces most existing N-1000-IV control panels. Customers can choose from two enclosures. The large enclosure includes the access control board, power supply, distributed relay module, and battery backup. Ideal for new installations, it includes prewiring, color-coded removable terminal blocks, power for door locks, multiple grounding points, and large wiring channels. The small enclosure holds the control panel and battery and is good for upgrading an existing access control panel.   Booth 501, Circle 731

 Telephone Tap Detection

The TALAN Telephone And Line Analyzer from Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, evaluates digital and analog telephone systems (and other wiring) for eavesdropping threats. Among its new testing technologies are line nonlinear junction detection (which indicates if any electronics are attached to a wire), digital demodulation (which can indicate if a digital phone system is passing audio when it shouldn’t be), a frequency domain reflectometer (to check for impedance anomalies or taps on a phone line), and an automated switching matrix to automate tests on all pair combinations of wires on telephone line. The device also integrates and automates standard telephone testing equipment such as multimeters (voltage, current resistance, and capacitance), audio amplifiers (to indicate if the line is passing audio), spectrum analyzers (up to 85 MHz), and oscilloscopes.  Booth 425, Circle 732

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