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By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

These networks are something Emde feels that ASIS should celebrate. “What I have always seen is that there is a dedication, mutual trust, support, and professionalism among ASIS members. They really go a long way when asked to help each other out, across borders as well as within chapters,” he states.

ASIS is rightly proud of its creation of standards and guidelines, the certification programs, councils, and the ASIS Foundation, Inc., among other efforts. Emde hopes that “we will talk openly with equal pride about this networking element so that we can attract new members and grow because of this quality.”

Early Days

“I was born and bred in the Netherlands close to The Hague and I still live in that area, about 30 miles from Amsterdam and also not too far from Rotterdam, Leiden, and Delft. Amsterdam is generally well known, but I find that members I meet recognize The Hague because of the international peace, justice, and security in the city. The Hague hosts the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the headquarters of Europol,” says Emde.

His interest in security goes back to his childhood. “I became aware of the importance of security because my family suffered a traumatic break-in. As a child, I was caught up in the emotion of it,” he explains.

Later, family and friends held related jobs in the business field, so the concepts of business-related ethics and transpar-ency were familiar to him. “During my school days,” he says, “I volunteered to manage the bar services provided by students at special events and when the school staged a play. When looking through old documents, I was surprised to see how seriously I took that task.... I found correspondence about the proper way of dealing with transactions and cash. Interestingly one of the persons I received guidance from was an ASIS member, but at the time, I was not aware of it. I had not yet heard about the Society.”



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